6 Ways A Homebuyer Benefits From Hiring A Real Estate Agent

You’re ready to buy a home, maybe for the first, second, third time (or more…).  Wondering if it would be difficult to buy that next home without an agent? You or someone you know has had a challenging experience with a real estate agent. (To be honest, it can happen.) Or, maybe the transaction was so smooth you think your agent didn’t have to work all that hard. As agents we’ve heard (sometimes overheard while waiting for our coffee) a lot of reasons why a homebuyer thinks real estate agents are unnecessary. Some reasons are just plain crazy. Most are legitimate questions that you should have the answers to. This post is for you, the Homebuyer, and how you will benefit from great real estate representation.


1. Trust and Confidence

Hiring an agent you trust will give you confidence in knowing you have someone looking out for your best interests, from price, to neighborhood, to property. An agent with experience and integrity will spot potential problems and tell you if they think a property isn’t a good choice. Your agent will bring you back down to earth when you find a property you love but pushes you beyond your price ceiling. The client is the priority, not the sale.


Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

2. Save Time and Resources

Real Estate websites have become an industry of their own. Homes are easily searchable online, with the typical parameters to tap into: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, in a certain zip code or city. What those sites can’t do is match homes precisely to your desired criteria. The photos may be a less-than-accurate representation. The outlying neighborhood may be the reason that amazing house online is priced so well. You could spend your free time and fuel weeding through the listings. Or, you can give the task to your incredible real estate agent. We cut to the chase and bring you relevant, targeted, screened properties.


3. There It Is! And There It Went…

The best properties come and go fast! Sometimes they are sold before they even hit the market…you know, those real estate search sites. A great real estate agent will network with other agents and scour the neighborhood to find you the best property, even going so far as to contact a homeowner who isn’t even thinking about selling. Working with an agent will give you the inside track.


4. Know The Process and What’s Required of You AND the Seller

A proper real estate agent will explain the buying process, from the search to moving in. You’ll be kept up-to-date on market conditions as you’re searching for a home. Then, that contract you’re glazing over? Yeah, it’s a lot. We’ll guide you through. What does the seller have to tell you about the property? A diligent representative will make sure you get the contractually-required property details (aka, disclosures). When do you get the keys? Your agent will set proper expectations and work hard to keep your purchase on track. You want, and need, a real estate agent who recognizes the importance of education and information.


5. Negotiation

The best agent will love to negotiate! A homebuyer will benefit from having an experienced negotiator in their corner. Someone who works to get you a great deal without allowing their ego to burn your deal to the ground. Negotiation happens throughout a transaction, not just when the initial agreement is made. Inspections have been completed and maybe the findings are less than ideal – you want to renegotiate your agreement. An experienced agent will know what to negotiate, and when. We are your advocates!


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6. After Escrow Closes

A great real estate agent won’t disappear after close of escrow. You should feel confident your advocate is there for you long after you’ve moved in. We will stay in touch and be there to answer questions years down the road – market data, advice on professional tradesmen, and future assistance with anything affecting your property  and its value.



Give yourself the gift of a great real estate buying experience and avoid vowing to never buy another home again. Interview and hire an excellent local real estate agent. Sharon D’Arelli and Jackie Merchant strive to be your trusted advisors and are ready to serve YOU!